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About Us

What we do

At Council of Objects we source and curate items that are designed and made by local artisans; with an emphasis on simplicity, functionality and above all else quality, promoting ethical craftsmanship. We have selected objects we covet ourselves, each object holding its value in its timeless, sustainable luxury.

We Hunt for Objects

Council of Objects opened it’s doors in 2011 in response to what we felt was a hole in the market for both beautiful and accessible locally made objects. We hunt for objects that demonstrate great care and skill in their craftsmanship thereby holding their value longer than any mass produced item. Finding homes for the objects we covet ourselves gives us great pleasure. We are constantly inspired to collaborate with and promote Australian suppliers and craftspeople.

Objects hold an inherent beauty

Our Home

Adelaide is our home, an easy and welcoming city, fostering the talents of many emerging creatives. Our current location in Ebenezer Place, in the East End of Adelaide is a dynamic community of small independent businesses.

Our online store holds only a modest selection of what we do at CoO, simply because items are often only made in small batches and often find new homes in store before we have a chance to share with our online customers. The items we have selected to share with the world, we feel would enhance any environment. We aim to promote local makers on a global scale to educate people on the importance of supporting independent makers and businesses the world over.

See you soon!